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We’re open to product ideas that are novel, provide business value, and are viable from thermoplastics engineering and manufacturing perspectives. Use the form below to submit your idea for consideration. If our team is interested in learning more, we will contact you via email.

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Prior to acceptance you must acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

By utilizing this Submit an Idea form (“Submission”) and site, you (“You” or “Your”), agree to be bound to the terms of Brentwood Industries, Inc. (“Brentwood”) Non-Disclosure Agreement (“Agreement”), provided below. You must read and acknowledge this before Your Submission of any invention information. This Agreement shall commence upon Your acceptance. Brentwood reserves the right to update the terms and conditions of this Agreement from time to time without notice.

You hereby acknowledge:

Brentwood’s employees are focused on innovation of processes and products, some of which may be like your own. Brentwood takes the necessary precautionary measures in accepting Your Submission. The below policy is in place by Brentwood to prevent any misunderstanding as to what the rights and obligations are of You, as the inventor, and Brentwood.

You understand that Brentwood is unable to agree to hold Your Submission in confidence because Brentwood must disclose your Submission to various employees, and at times employ outside resources, to determine Your Submission’s value to Brentwood. You further understand no confidential relationship has been formed between You and Brentwood, nor has any agreement for compensation been entered into for the consideration Your Submission.

Your Submission to Brentwood must be a full written disclosure illustrating Your invention, so Brentwood can determine whether it will be interested in Your invention. It is preferable to submit Your patent application drawing and specifications. If You do not have a patent application, Brentwood requests you provide sketches or Your drawings that are signed, dated and witnessed so Your interests are fully protected.

You further understand Brentwood has no obligation to reveal any information of its own, or any information related to the field of Your Submission.

Any Submission or further disclosures You provide to Brentwood is based on the understanding that Brentwood assumes no obligation to do more than consider the merits of Your Submission to indicate if Brentwood has interest. It is fully understood that You rely only on Your rights under applicable patent laws.

Brentwood receives no rights hereby, or as a result of consideration this Submission, under any patent rights You now have or may acquire to the subject matter as a result of Your Submission.

The foregoing applies to any additional or supplemental Submissions relating to the same subject matter.

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