Catch Basin Insert for Stormwater Pretreatment

Grate Inlet (Square Structures)

The innovative design of the LittaTrap allows for installation across a wide range of grate inlets. No two catch basins are the same, which makes other catch basin inserts difficult or expensive to install. The LittaTrap has standard sizes and flexibility using simple-to-use seal kits that allow for professional and high-performance installations.


Grate Inlet (Round Structures)

The LittaTrap can be installed easily within a range of round stormwater infrastructure. We use a bracket that is as easy to install as the LittaTrap itself. The round seal kits can then be used to finish off the installation that looks professional and provides optimal flow of water into the system.


Curb Inlet

The advantage of using a LittaTrap is the modular design. This allows for standard units to be installed on any curb inlet infrastructure, despite the field constraints.


Long Curb Inlet (EMMA)

The LittaTrap EMMA (Easy Maintenance Manhole Access) curb inlet filter model is designed to convey stormwater runoff from the curb inlet opening to the LittaTrap basket, with the basket positioned directly under the manhole access opening. This feature allows maintenance crews to gain access to the LittaTrap basket from the surface and eliminates the need for confined space entry during routine maintenance service.


Installed inside the stormwater catch basin on engineered structural brackets, LittaTrap's patented design captures and stores gross solids caught up in the stormwater runoff.

As stormwater runoff flows into the catch basin through a grate or curb entry, the runoff will enter the LittaTrap system.

LittaTrap's basket captures the pollutants caught in the runoff and allows the water to pass through to the outlet pipe. When maintenance is required, the basket can simply be lifted out and emptied by hand or contents can be removed by a vacuum inductor truck.

Once the basket is full or during high flows, overflow is released through the overflow bypass apertures in the frame assembly.



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