Underground Basin Allows for Landlocked Expansion

Case Study by: StormTank, December 18, 2018
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Located within a fully built-out industrial park, MiMedx Group needed additional parking for their growing operation. With the only convertible land being a small, grassy area adjacent to their building, the company would have to rely on an underground stormwater system to mitigate additional runoff from the impervious area, as the existing above-ground basin could not accommodate the increased flows and capacity demands.

Beyond the detention requirements, there were several other unique constraints. Traditional options—like a stone bed—were not feasible due to existing sewer, water, and communication utilities crossing the site area, dividing the underground landscape into multiple smaller sections. The new system would also need to allow for a slower discharge rate, which was necessary to incorporate a cost-effective water quality unit size.

Although there was an existing layout for the new stormwater system, the design included a centralized connection structure and piping that would have complicated installation and reduced capacity.

Considering the site’s multiple complexities and limitations as well as an insufficient system layout, the project consultant—Columbia Engineering—sought a solution that could provide a high storage volume within a very tight footprint and without impacting or conflicting with the existing subsurface utilities.

The Duluth-based firm consulted with StormTank’s team of experts to thoroughly redesign the new stormwater system using a 36” StormTank Module 25 Series system, which offer a 97% void space within a 36” x 18” x 36” form factor. By incorporating two drainage ports directly into the Module units, the internal structure and piping were removed from the plans—simplifying installation and reclaiming valuable storage capacity.

The StormTank Module 25 Series’ high void space allows the new system to retain peak runoff rates and discharge at a lower rate, thus decreasing the overall size and cost of the water quality unit.

Upon approval of the modifications, StormTank further assisted in preparing final layout drawings for the submittal process and providing onsite support throughout the system’s installation.

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