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Case Study by: Stormtank, September 12, 2018
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The site plan for the Hilton Garden Inn project in Arvada, Colorado, was tightly designed to work around preexisting constraints, and the corresponding stormwater management system needed to do the same. Traditional pipe and arch-shaped systems were considered as potential solutions for the project but would have required large footprints, using a lot of stone, to get the job done.

With space at a premium, Brentwood’s StormTank Module 25 Series system was considered, and ultimately chosen, as an alternative. Easily designed around structures and capable of being stacked, the Module system provided design flexibility that not only enabled more storage in a smaller footprint but required less stone and excavation than competing systems. These features allowed the StormTank system to both fit within the site’s tight constraints and reduce project costs.

Hilton Garden Inn, Arvada, CO, USA

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